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  • Why Choose Clay Bricks?

    Why Choose Clay Bricks? Low Maintenance Once clay bricks are laid, they basically take care of themselves! They look as good the day they get put down until many, many years into the future! Other building products like render or paint will need to be replaced over the years multiple times but cl...
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  • Why Choose Terracotta Panel

    Natural stone, aluminum panel, glass are very common architectural facade cladding materials in China and overseas. However, terracotta facade panel, originated in the late 1980s, is just like a rising star in building material field. What are the comparable strengths of Terracotta Panel? The Adv...
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  • Brick to the Future: Thin Brick in 2020

    Thin brick applications have been a staple in commercial construction for the past few decades, providing long-lasting solutions, excellent aesthetics, and less expensive project costs when compared to traditional brick construction.   Now, with advances in the materials providing more product ch...
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  • Exterior Brick Masonry Walls

    Aside from its visual appeal, brick (as an exterior building material) is durable. Over time, however, its deterioration is inevitable. Because bricks are porous – they expand or contract according to moisture levels and thermal influences – water is a constant threat and the principal cause of d...
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  • Terracotta Panels Re-Beautifying the Asian Architectural Landscape

    The results are in, and a new architectural trend seems to be forming. We’re talking about terracotta, and how the material is now seen on facades from all over the world. It is widely used in the construction of establishments that serve all kinds of purposes, such as museums, monuments, police ...
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